Sunrise gaming by DAO

You are The Owner
You Decide
Fair is the Only Rule
DAO is Now!!



Our Message

This world is not right.

Nowadays online casinos are too much of a black box, it is not even worth mentioning to talk about.
No matter what method you use, it is impossible to prove that there is no cheating going on.
However, with blockchain technology, this can all change.

This will fundamentally alter the entire industry of online casinos.

With that being said, the casino revenues will be publicly disclosed.
All the proceeds will be fairly distributed among all token holders.
We are not an exception. If we don't own the tokens, we will not get any of the revenue.
Therefore, we will not sell our tokens just to get quick cash.

Just to be clear, we are not the sole decision makers when it comes to the management policy of this project.
The holders of the governance tokens will decide by voting
and there is not a single management team running the project.
What we try to emphasize is that the token holders shall hold all the power.

Think about the cost of operating a conventional casino.
Land, buildings, labor costs, and other expenses are required.
This project requires no land, no building, and everything from game management all the way to profit
distribution and everything is fully automated by Smart Contracts.
Compared to conventional casinos, the operating expenses are much cheaper.

We won't put all the profits in our own pockets.
Here's a suggestion. We may be able to drastically reduce the obvious fixed cost of gaming fees, worldwide.
This is all a net positive for the users, and in turn, good for token holders.

That's how the world should be.

Blockchain is changing the world.
a "New Sunshine" illuminates a new landscape.


*Everything might not be achievable straight away from the beginning. But rest assured, we will achieve everything in stages.

The Benefits of Being an Owner

Distribution Breakdown


The DAO Revenue will be Distributed as Follows:

SUNC Token






DAO Fund


This project is operated in a way where there is no intervention from a single management team. This is possible because how DAO operates in a transparent and administrator-less manner.

Types of Ownership


Two Types of Ownership

Main Token SUNC

By holding the SUNC token, you become part of the management team of the project.
You get beneficiary rights by holding SUNC, as well as voting rights and lottery rights.

NFT Table Owners

These are bought and sold on the NFT market.
By holding these specific NFTs, which are also divided by certain types of games, the USDT will be directly distributed to the owner's web3 wallet!

Staking and Farming


SUNC Staking and Farming

You can increase your revenue you earn by either staking or farming.



A gaming platform conducted by true random numbers that run without proprietary administrators and is free of tampering, cheating, and fraud.
A fair new type of game for the world to experience.

Shared Operation:
Everyone’s Gaming

Sunrise Gaming is operated by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as well as it is a DeFi project (Decentralized Finance) that will release 100% of its revenue.
All users who own SUNC will receive beneficiary rights and voting rights.

Share of Revenues
from NFTs

By making individual NFTs per table game, as a NFT Table Owner, you obtain the projects revenue. (Beneficiary rights)


Technology Overview,
a Transparent and a Fair Casino

Can be accessed via a Web3 Wallet

The main reason why a web3 wallet is necessary is to solve the problems of online casinos refusing withdrawals, freezing accounts, closing sites, running away, etc.
Web3 wallet is handled and operated entirely through personal accounts, so there is no need to deposit fiat money as it is safe.

SUSD: Game Chip

A high-speed, gas-free private chain will be used.
Users can play at the same speed as of a regular online casino.
The cashier publishes SUSD:USDT as a 1:1 peg for a seaming less transition for currency exchange.

To Achieve Noninterventional Management,
a Casino Game Must be Played with True Random Function.

Games created with the past PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) had finite failure points that required manipulation. On top of that games had a function called RTP (Return to Player) that pre-determined the winner. The non-transparency of this function was used to abuse and to cheat users out of their winnings.
SUNRISE GAMING by DAO realizes that administrations and managements should not intervene, and by utilizing the Absolute Probability Random Function (APRF), games will automatically generate randomly, so there is no cheating, and all the game contents will be recorded on a blockchain to prove to everyone that the numbers are completely random.

Proof of Revenue for The NFT Table Owners

By making the table ownership of each game as an NFT, it is possible to go back in time and prove that the game was profitable. This allows us to measure the fairness of market prices. There are sales of table ownership in traditional casinos, but we are at the mercy of the projects so there is no way to prove that the revenue is official.


Types of Games

  • Roulette

  • Baccarat

  • Poker

  • Craps

  • Sic Bo

  • Casino War

How to get involved

Involvement in DeFi:
A Correlation Chart

Web3 Wallet


How to play
Earn Profits
Staking Platform
To Buy and Sell
NFT Marketplace or by Auction
Entering in the lottery
INO (Initial NFT Offering)

Decentralized Exchange

To Buy and Sell:


UNISWAP Initial Listing (8/1)


UNISWAP Initial Listing (8/1)


Description of the Different Coins

  • SUNC

    By staking SUNC tokens in the V1pool, users can get xSUNC tokens which can also be exchanged for SUNC in the future.
    30% of the revenue will be distributed by staking SUNC tokens in the V2pool.
    SUNC acts as a governance token and SUNC token holders can vote on all management decisions.
    By staking SUNC tokens in the V3pool, users can participate in the lottery for the right to purchase different NFT Table Owners. (For more details, please refer to section 8-2)

  • xSUNC

    xSUNC tokens are to be distributed as bonus tokens to the community.
    These tokens can be exchanged for SUNC after one year or after the gaming officially opens. (Whichever comes first)
    By staking xSUNC in the V2pool, it will take 6 months to replace all that has been staked into SUNC tokens.
    *Note* Once you stake in the v2pool, you will not be able to withdraw your xSUNC. Those who cannot wait for the SUNC token exchange that will take place 6 months after, can sell it over at UNISWAP.

  • SUSD

    A stable coin that is exchanged 1:1 peg with USDT (ERC 20)


A Distribution Schedule for
100% of Game Revenue in USDT

30% of All Game Revenues will be
Redistributed to
The SUNC V2 Staking Pool

By staking in the SUNC V2 pool, users will earn dividends. SUNC V2 Pools consists of the following: (10% for the SUNC single staking and 20% for the SUNC/ETH staking)

Revenue from the Game

30% of Each Table's Revenue is Distributed to
Each NFT Table Owner

There are two types of sale methods.

  • For NFT Auctions


    Selling the owner’s rights at each table as an NFT for USDT in an auction format. The winner of the auction at each table is known as the First Owner. The First Owner is given the right to divide the NFT (First Owner NFT) and can freely decide to set the number of NFTs to be divided. When one NFT is split, there is an Original NFT and there are Split-NFTs. The Original NFT maintains 6% of the beneficiary profit, while the Split-NFTs retain the remaining 24% of the profits. The Original NFT also has an additional benefit, whereas the owner of the original NFT will receive 2% of the trading commission of the Split-NFTs.

  • INO (Initial NFT Offering)


    A lottery-style sale of ownership rights to a single table is divided among multiple NFTs. To participate in the INO, which is an NFT lottery, users will need to get SUN-Power by staking SUNC to the V3 pool, and users will also need to set aside additional USDT for the purchase amount of the NFT sale.
    If you are not selected in the lottery, your USDT and SUN-Power will be returned to you. If you do win, NFTs will automatically be purchased with the pre-set amount of USDT, and the SUN-Power will be locked for two weeks before it is released back to you.
    (SUNC V3-Single Staking Pools gains 100 SUN-Power while the SUNC/ETH V3-Liquidity Pool gains 300 SUN-Power)

JackPot Game

20% of the total game revenue is distributed to jackpot games.
JackPot Game TBA

DAO Fund

20% of the total game revenue will be pooled for banker deposits and developers.
Deposits go into a game pool fund which is also used as liquidity for the project games. As stated previously, as a rule, the use of development funds will be voted on and managed as a DAO.


Application Guidelines for SUNC

  • Ticker


  • Token Structure

    ERC20 NFTs are ERC721

  • Total Supply issued


Option 5-1
Option 5-1
Option 5-2
Option 5-3
Sales start date 2021/6/8
Sales end date 2021/7/30 2021/7/30 2021/7/30 2021/7/30
Lockup Percentage 75% 75% 75% -
Lockup Period UNISwap Initial listing -6months UNISwap Initial listing -6months UNISwap Initial listing -3months -
Release Schedule 2022/2/1 2022/2/1 2021/11/1 -
Minimum Purchase Amount 0.5ETH - 0.5ETH - 0.5ETH - 0.5ETH -
Amount of Tokens Sold 500,000,000 500,000,000 500,000,000 300,000,000
Price per Token(ETH) $0.010 $0.010 $0.012 $0.018

Prior to the start of sales,depending of the price of ETH,
token prices are subjected to change


Token Allocation


Road Map

  • June 8th 2021

    Presale Begins

    June 8th for 24 hours $0.01 Sales Offering

    June 15th for 24 hours $0.01 Sales Offering

    June 22th for 24 hours $0.012 Sales Offering

    June 30th for 24 hours $0.018 Sales Offering

  • July 12th 2021

    Presale Extra Begins

  • August 1st 2021

    SUNC Initial Listing on UNISWAP.

  • August 1st 2021

    SUNC Staking Platform Opening

    -V1 Staking commences for SUNC, SUNC/ETH pool.

    -Community Bonus Token xSUNC distribution commences.

    xSUNC Initial Listing on UNISWAP

  • Q1 2022

    SUNRISE GAMING by DAO beta Version Starts.



    -Black Jack

    V1 Staking Pools are Closed

    -xSUNC distribution is finished

    V2 Staking Pools Begin

    -Distribution of USDT commences for the revenue from project games.

    -SUNC, SUNC/ETH Pools Staking begin.

    V2 xSUNC Pools Open

    -xSUNC will be replaced with SUNC in a linear fashion over 6 months.

  • Q3 2022




    -Sic Bo

    -Casino War

    *Note* These will be released in phases

  • Q4 2022

    NFT MarketPlace Ver1.0 OPENS

    NFT auctions commences

    INO Platform Version 1.0 OPENS

    SUNPower Lottery Begins

    V3 Staking Pools Begins